Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Hmmmm. A black background for a black and white picture. Nioce!

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RSS Feeds

Didn't sign up for Bloglines BUT! if you notice, Outlook 2007 has a spot for RSS feeds! I actually subscribed to Gizmodo for RSS feeds and it goes straight to my Outlook. Pretty neat eh?

Mah Ipod

I love my ipod. I can blog from my ipod. Or shall I say iTouch. You can do everything the iPhone can *except* the cell phone part, but using Skype you can still call people. I love my iPod. I frequently read gizmodo as well. is another good tech site.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mazdaspeed 3

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One of my most proud photos.

Why is it called a "loo?"

The British word for toilet, "loo", derives from the French "garde a l'eau!" In medieval Europe people had little conception of hygiene and threw the contents of their chamber pots out the window into the street below. In France the practice was preceded by "garde a l'eau!" ("watch out for the water!"). In England, this phrase was Anglicised, first to "gardy-loo!", then just "loo", and eventually came to mean the toilet/lavatory itself. The American word for toilet, "john", is called after the John Harington who in 1596 invented an indoor water closet for Queen Elizabeth I.

Did you know?

The practice of eating insects is called entomophagy.

Most insects are edible. According to, there are 1,462 recorded species of edible insects. And they're quite nutritious. For instance, 100 grams of cricket contains only 121 calories, less than half of beef. A cricket contains only 5,5 grams of fat, compared to 21,2g of beef. Beef contains more protein (23,5g - a cricket 12.9g) but the 100g of cricket also contains 5,1g of carbohydrates, 75,8 mg calcium, 185,3 mg phosphorous, 9,5 mg iron, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin.